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Takahisa Fukumoto

Lawyer (Hyogo Bar Association member / Kobe Office)

Career history

1967 Born Hyogo, Japan
1993 Graduated from Kobe University Faculty of Law; entered Hyogo prefectural office; passed Bar exam
1994 Retired from Hyogo prefectural office
1996 Completed legal training; registered as a lawyer; entered Higashimachi Law Office
2003 Became Higashimachi Law Office partner, Auditor for Kawanishi Warehouse Co. Ltd
2004 Visiting instructor Kansai University graduate school faculty of law *, Visiting instructor Konan University faculty of law
2006 Director of Hyogo Lawyers Cooperative *
2008 Hyogo Bar Association Vice-president *
2010 Auditor, Kobe Ferry Center, inc
* retired


  • Coauthor of "An easy to understand guide to company law"; 2003, Shin Nihon Hoki
  • Coauthor of "An easy to understand guide to company law" (revised addition); 2006, Shin Nihon Hoki
  • Co-editor-in-chief of "The Elements of the Tramper Shipping Business" by Shigeru Tamura; 2009, Inui Steamship Co., Ltd.
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