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Takao Kinoshita

Lawyer (Hyogo Bar Association member / Kobe Office)
Managing Partner

Career history

1956 Born Kanagawa, Japan
1979 Graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Law
1984 Passed Bar exam
1987 Completed legal training; registered as a lawyer; entered Ohshiro Law Office
1993 Became Higashimachi Law Office partner
2010 Became Higashimachi LPC partner

Published cases

  • Proposal based on the Article 17 Paragraph 2 of the National Land Survey Act (Supreme Court, third petty bench, Mar 19, 1991 judgment; Hanrei Jihou No. 1401 p40)
  • On the case of denial of the student's claim that it is an object of interlocutory appeal in the case that the municipal junior high school's "Guidance Book for the junior high school students" that provides the hair style of the boy student should be close clipping (Supreme Court the first Petty Bench, February 22, 1996 judgment, Hanrei Jihou No. 1560 p72)
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