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Yoshihiro Uetani

Lawyer (Hyogo Bar Association member / Kobe Office)
Marine Counselor
Managing Partner

Career history

1954 Born Hyogo, Japan
1980 Passed Bar exam
1981 Graduated from Osaka University Faculty of Law
1983 Completed legal training; registered as a lawyer; entered Ohshiro Law Office
1990 Became Ohshiro Law Office partner
1992 Director of Hyogo Lawyers Cooperative *
1993 Became Higashimachi Law Office Chief partner,
Chairman of the Investigation of Amagasaki City Council Administration *
1996 Auditor for Kawanishi Warehouse Co. Ltd *
2000 Hyogo Bar Association Vice-president *
Japan Shipping Exchange Marine mediator
2001 Civil mediator (Kobe district court / Sumoto Summary Court)
Inui Steamship Co., Ltd. auditor
2003 Hyogo social insurance office (Present Kinki Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Hyogo office) litigation specialist
2004 Adjunct instructor Kansai University graduate school faculty of law
2010 Higashimachi LPC Managing partner
Member of Kobe City Accounting Rationalization External Examination Committee
Member of Maiko Villa Real Estate Utilization Contractor Selection Committee
2013 Member of Fruit Flower Park Hotel Building Contractor Selection Committee
2014 Chairman of Third-Party Committee (Company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
2015 Member of the Aono Resort Tennis Sports Hotel Management Company Selection Committee
* retired


  • Case on provisional disposition order - A case where a provisional disposition prohibiting transfer of possession of a foreign vessel was carried out, based on the Civil Provisional Remedies Act. (1991 "Kaijihou Kenkyukai journal" No. 111 p1-13)
  • Coauthor of "An easy to understand guide to company law"; 2003, Shin Nihon Hoki
  • "Fostering Anti-trust law spirit to realize sufficient function of the Anti-trust law"; 655 FAIR TRADE 46, 2005
  • Coauthor of "An easy to understand guide to company law" (revised addition); 2006, Shin Nihon Hoki
  • "Practical business law - experience the cutting edge of corporate legal affairs" (coauthor) Kwansei Gakuin University press, 2007
  • Co-editor-in-chief of "The Elements of the Tramper Shipping Business" by Shigeru Tamura; 2009, Inui Steamship Co., Ltd.
  • "Practical Intellectual Property Business Law - Celebrating 5 years of Chizai Net" (coauthor) MinjihouKenkyukai 2010
  • "Earthquake disaster response as seen from the perspectives of internal control, BCP and CSR" NBL No. 950 p6, 2011
  • "Corporate Misconduct Index" (co-author) Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2015
  • "Review of corporate internal control systems - From the perspective response to corporate misconduct" PROGRESS November Edition, Central Japan Industries Association

Published cases

  • Case on the legality of the assurance by the Agricultural Cooperative Association
    (Judgment of the Kobe District Court, Dec 24, 1987, Hanrei Jihou No. 674 p138)
  • Case on suspension of the administrative disposition against organized crime groups
    (Kobe District Court, March 5, 1993, Hanrei Jihou No. 826 p219)
  • Case on the legality of the levying of the local consumption tax on the free resort-hotel tickets issued by the management company
    (Kobe District Court, March 9, 1994, Hanrei Times No. 857 p219)
  • Case on legality of the Mayor's measures to dispatch a city official to a new company by excusing him of his appointed duties
    (Kobe District Court, Jan 28, 1998, Hanrei Chihou jichi No. 188 p45)
  • Case on claim of damages against consignee/freight agency for the responsibility of transporter who delivered cargo to consignee without the consignee's order B/L [bill of lading]
    (Osaka District Court, February 23, 1999, Hanrei Times No. 1711 p158)
  • Case on copyright infringement claim of damages for the use of a similar registered trademark, Kinpai Kikumasamune
    (Osaka high Court, August 25, 2000, Hanrei Master)
  • Whether or not the seller should demand an increase in payment from the buyer, by analogy to article 565 of the civil code, for so-called designated quantity sales cases when the quantity has been exceeded.
    (Supreme Court Third Petty Bench, November 27, 2001, Hanrei Jihou No. 1768 p81)
  • If the transferee continue to use the name of the golf course which was run by the transferor by means of a deposit membership system, is the transferee obligated to refund the deposits
    (Supreme Court Second Petty Bench, February 20, 2004, Hanrei Jihou No. 1855 p141; Hanrei Times No. 1148 p180; Kinyu Shouji Hanrei No.1195 p30, No. 1768 p81)

Main maritime law cases handled

  • Case on provisional disposition order (1991 "Kaijihou Kenkyukai journal" No. 111 p1-13)
  • Arbitration Decision Reversal Request Case (Hanrei Jihou No. 1396 p 120)
  • Diverse Civil Action Cases on the Claim of Responsibility of the Load Deliver Letter of Guarantee (L/G) (Admiralty Law Study Bulletin, No. 158 p 66)
  • Damages Compensation Claim Case on the Oil Spill (Case of Nakhodka, Fukui District Court, 1999)
  • Limitation of liability case (A multiple collision in Akashi Channel / Kobe district court, 2008)


  • Full member, the Kobe Club (formerly, Kobe Foreign Club)
  • Kobe Rotary Club member
  • Member of Kobe/Himeji Nikkei Discussion group
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