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Kazuhiro Watanabe

Lawyer (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association member / Tokyo Office)

Career history

1947Born Kyoto, Japan
1971Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Law; passed Bar exam
1974 Completed legal training; appointed public prosecutor
Prosecutor, Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
1975Prosecutor, Morioka District Public Prosecutors Office
1978Prosecutor, Urawa District Public Prosecutors Office, Kumagaya branch
1980Prosecutor, Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
1981Prosecutor, Cabinet Secretariat with the Ministry of Justice, secretarial section
1982Acting Private Secretary to the Minister of Justice
1983Prosecutor, Criminal Affairs Bureau
1986Prosecutor at Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office
1988Prosecutor Instructor, Judicial Research and Training Institute
1991Prosecutor, Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
1992Councillor, Criminal Affairs Bureau
1993Councillor, Minister's Secretariat
1994Director, Human Rights Bureau
1995Director, Criminal Affairs Bureau Legislative Division
1996Lecturer (Special Criminal Law), Keio University faculty of law *
1998Deputy Director General, Minister of Justice Secretariat
2000Adjunct instructor, Doshisha University Graduate School of Policy Studies *
2001Prosecutor, Public Prosecutor's Office
2002Chief public prosecutor, Nara District Public Prosecutors Office
2004Chief public prosecutor, Maebashi District Public Prosecutors Office
2005Chief public prosecutor, Nagoya District Public Prosecutors Office
2007Chief public prosecutor, Yokohama District Public Prosecutors Office
2008Superintending Prosecutor, Sapporo District Public Prosecutors Office
2009Retired; Registered as a lawyer (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association)
Professor, Tokai University Professional Graduate School of Law Practices (Law School) *
Councillor, Refugee status recognition Ministry of Justice
2010Public Prosecutors and Notaries Public Appointment Examination Committee member *
Auditor (part-time), Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc. *
Outside Director, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group *
Entered Higashimachi LPC
* retired


  • "Commercial Criminal Law (second edition) Vol. VII" (co-author), Seirin Shoin, 2000

  • "New Criminal Law Procedure II" (co-author), Yuyusha 2002

  • "New Criminal Law Procedure III" (co-author), Yuyusha 2002

  • "Joukai Keihou (second edition)" (co-author), Koubundou 2007

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