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Higashimachi LPC mainly deals with legal matters in the areas of corporate law, business reconstruction / bankruptcy law, maritime law, administrative law, medical law, intellectual property law, financial law; however, we handle a wide range of legal matters from international relations to personal law.

Higashimachi LPC reserves the right to refuse to provide services for any reason including but not limited to conflict of interest.

Corporate Law

As legal advisor to many of the large and medium-sized businesses around Kobe, Tokyo and Imabari, we offer a variety of legal services to address the multitude of legal issues faced by companies doing business. We offer advice on business administration (stockholder meeting practice, director / auditor practice, stock operation, compliance, etc., the building and application of internal control systems, dealing with changes in the law, etc.), contract examination and creation, contract negotiation, debt collection, as well as providing appropriate advice on issues faced by companies in their day-to-day business, such as labor related laws and regulations, unfair competition prevention law, Antitrust Law, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

Business Reconstruction / Bankruptcy Law

Our office has extensive experience in insolvency-related legal affairs, such as corporate reorganization, civil rehabilitation, bankruptcy and special liquidation. With the know-how we have built up over the years, we can assign the right type and number of staff to each case to ensure that it is handled swiftly.

Maritime Law

Higashimachi LPC, in its capacity as legal counsel to companies in the shipping, ship-building and insurance industry, etc., handles many cases in the areas of legal procedure pertaining to ship finance, buying and selling of ships and ship registration, etc., execution of vessels, ship owner's limitation of liability procedure, maritime arbitration, marine accidents, as well as maritime related civil action (including international litigation matters.) for both foreign and domestic vessels.

Administrative Law

Our office acts as legal consultant to local government agencies, and we provide them with advice on a wide variety of legal issues in addition to handling numerous cases.

Medical Law

We have extensive experience in medical malpractice cases, and we are continually building upon our specialist knowledge and skills in this area. Furthermore, we offer appropriate advice on legal issues relating to the running of hospitals.

Intellectual Property Law

Our office has hitherto drafted contracts for copyright, trademark and patent rights, etc., and dealt with various infringement disputes. More recently, though, in response to the changing times, we have been committed to acquiring the knowledge required to handle the increasing number of cases relating to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, as well as those regarding intellectual property rights and civil execution, etc.

Financial Law

In addition to examination of financial institution contracts and advice on trade issues, our office handles payment claim cases, temporary restraining orders, and civil execution cases, etc.

International relations

We have English and Chinese-speaking staff and lawyers on hand and we offer various legal services to foreign nationals and foreign companies, both within and outside Japan, as well as to foreign companies. Furthermore, we are continually striving to improve our abilities in this area.

Personal Law

Our office handles all legal issues relating to personal everyday life, such as family inheritance issues (family affairs cases: husband and wife / parent and child, adult guardianship, wills / inheritance / inheritance-division), traffic accidents, real-estate issues, (land and building-lease cases, real-estate transactions, building disputes, neighboring land disputes, etc.), debt rearrangement, and consumer issues.

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