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Distinctive capabilities

In order to handle the increasingly sophisticated and diverse legal needs of our clients, appropriately and swiftly, Higashimachi LPC pays particular attention to each of the following points.

Enrichment of Practice
Multiple lawyers and organizational diversity

Our office currently has 24 lawyers. Our lawyers range in age from late twenties to seventies. Among them we have a former local government officer, two graduate school Law professors, four marine counsellors and one patent attorney. The number of lawyers, and their diversity of experience, enables us to examine cases from multiple perspectives, and gives us the capacity to handle large-scale and urgent cases. Furthermore, our Kobe office, with its 16 lawyers, is the largest in Hyogo.


With offices in Kobe, Tokyo and Imabari, we can provide to provide swift and comprehensive legal services at a reasonable cost. All three of our offices are linked together via a video conferencing system, allowing for ease of collaboration between lawyers, and consultation with clients, at different offices.

Multi-lawyer system

At our office, we generally employ a system whereby a single case is handled by multiple lawyers. At first, such a system may sound inefficient; however, we believe that examining cases from multiple perspectives, preventing errors through multiple checks, and continually improving our lawyers' skills through the sharing of know-how, ultimately leads to us being able to provide better legal service to our clients.

Thoroughness in case consultations

We strive to be thorough in our consultations with clients and conferences between the lawyers and clerical staff assigned to each case. This enables us to gain an accurate understanding of the details of the case and the intentions of the clients, prevent mistakes, and carefully plan the most appropriate approach to the case.

Nurturing clerical staff skills

Our staff receive on-going training and are given the ability to continually develop their legal knowledge and skills. These days, legal paperwork is of a quantity and standard that cannot be handled by lawyers alone. Accordingly, we put a lot of effort into nurturing the paralegal function of our clerical staff, by familiarizing them with all the standard legal tasks. We also encourage them to take the paralegal exam set by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.
Furthermore, we have placed several staff members in a separate division set up specifically to handle receivership, bankruptcy and insolvency matters.

Cooperation with neighbouring specialists

We maintain close relationships with certified public accountants, patent attorneys, judicial scriveners, licensed tax accountants, and other specialists, in our efforts to comprehensively satisfy the needs of our clients.

Information Management

As part of our effort to properly manage and protect information about our clients and cases, our consultation rooms at our Kobe office are located on a different floor from our main offices, and we ensure that outsiders do not come into physical contact with any of the data that we hold. In addition, our servers, etc., are under 24-hour surveillance by an outside data-security firm to protect against unauthorised access, etc.

Quality Control

We have set up our own quality control department. After we have finished working on a case, we ask for the client's frank opinion on how we handled it. The information we receive is used to help us provide a better-quality legal service.

Maintenance and development of intellectual level
Accumulation of know-how

We like to think that the know-how we have built up through all the cases and contracts we have handled over the course of our 85-year history, far exceeds that of other offices in the region.

Expansion of knowledge

In order to further expand our knowledge, as well as ensuring that it remains up-to-date, our office subscribes to a number of legal journals, maintains a library of the latest law-related publications, and has installed a legal precedent and document search system. We also regularly invite university professors and other specialists to come and give lectures at our office, as well as actively participating in externally held lectures and study groups, etc. In addition, we also have a weekly "case meeting" where our lawyers study the latest legal precedents.
Furthermore, at our office, we place much emphasis on the sharing of knowledge. Therefore, once a month, we have a morning meeting where each lawyer introduces the cases which he or she is working on and reports on any findings which may be useful, and where lawyers who have recently attended an external training course can take the opportunity to report back on what they have learned.

Response to globalization

In order to handle international cases, we have established cooperative relationships with lawyers based in the U.S., Britain, Germany and China. Furthermore, as part of our globalization initiative, we are actively dispatching our lawyers to the U.S., the U.K. and China for study and training. We also take on foreign lawyers, legal apprentices and law-school students as trainees at this office intermittently.
Furthermore, Higashimachi LPC is also actively involved in international relations, and we helped establish and sponsor, in collaboration with Cast Group, the "Cast/Higashimachi Global Corporate Legal Affairs Course" at Shanghai's Jiao Tong University Law School, which ran for several years. In the course, heads of the legal departments of prominent multinational corporations and specialists with international legal affairs experience gave lectures on legal practices relating to management in the marketplace, as well as corporate governance, etc.

Dissemination of Information

We opened our website in order for clients to gain a better understanding of our office, as well as to deepen communication. The website is regularly updated with columns and blogs written by our lawyers, and forms an integral part of our continued effort to provide new information.

Seminars / Golf Tournament

We hold a "Higashimachi Law Office Seminar" for our clients once every two months, and our biannual "Higashimachi Law Office Golf Tournament", held at Hirono Golf Club and Higashi Hirono Golf Club gives us the opportunity to exchange information directly with our clients and to report on the developments at Higashimachi LPC of the previous six months.

University lecturing / Publication

Our office endeavours to do more than just handle cases – we are committed to the distribution of information to the public. A number of our lawyers have also served as adjunct professors at Kwansei Gakuin University, Konan University and University of Hyogo. Furthermore, in December, 2007, we published the book "Practical business law - Experience the cutting edge of corporate legal affairs" (Kwansei Gakuin University press), aimed at a general audience, and we intend to continue publishing in future.

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