Noritaka Ono

  • Lawyer (Kobe office)

Noritaka Ono practices insolvency law, including bankruptcy and civil rehabilitation as well as corporate rehabilitation through private restructuring. Through his handling of such cases and business succession and M&A cases, Noritaka has developed cooperative relationships with other professionals including certified public accountants, certified public tax accountants, judicial scriveners and labour and social security attorneys, and is committed to approaching cases as a team. As well as providing legal advice to clients such as financial institutions, Noritaka has abundant knowhow and experience in the preservation and recovery of claims, both in standard and emergency situations.

Professional History

1972 Born in Nara Prefecture, Japan
1988 Graduated from Kobe University Faculty of Law; passed Bar exam
2000 Completed legal training; registered as a lawyer; joined Higashimachi Law Office
2004〜2007 Adjunct instructor Kwansei Gakuin University Faculty of Law


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