Our firm’s history begins with the opening of “Oshiro Law Office” in the city of Kobe in 1923 and spans almost one hundred years, including renaming as “Higashimachi Law Office” in 1993, incorporation as Higashimachi LPC and opening of our Tokyo office in June 2010, opening an office in Imabari in December 2010, and leading to the opening of our new Osaka office in June 2020.
Even prior to growing into our current position as the largest firm based in Hyogo Prefecture, we have been devoted to creating a distinct, full-service law firm capable of handling matters at the national and international level, based upon the clear principles of “teamwork, quality and communication”.
Today, we strive to make the most of the opportunity presented through our growth, and all of our lawyers and staff are committed to providing high-quality service to our clients over a wide range of practice areas, both in Japan and internationally.

Managing Partner, Higashimachi LPC

Yoshihiro Uetani