If companies or individuals do not consider the taxation implications of their activities, it can result in unexpected taxation liabilities later. Therefore, when embarking on a new venture, it is necessary to give thought to not only the legal ramifications of proposed projects but also those related to tax. Also, there has been a focus on corporate tax governance in recent years. Our firm provides both legal and taxation advice on a wide range of matters, from domestic and international transactions by companies and individuals, to business succession issues and inheritance (wealth management) problems.

Alas, even when tax obligations are appropriately met, it is impossible to avoid the problem of audits. If an audit results in the taxpayer and the authorities disagreeing over an issue, it is necessary for the taxpayer to take action such as negotiating with the authorities, applying for administrative review, or commencing litigation. Not only are we experienced at handling large-scale tax litigation, one of our lawyers has experience as an appeals judge at the National Tax Tribunal, so we can provide attentive legal services to help you deal with the tax authorities from the audit stage onwards.

We also have a network of relationships with tax lawyers, certified public accountants and tax law academics across the country, so we can provide a comprehensive response to taxation issues that arise anywhere within or outside of Japan.


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