Kengo Hashiba

  • Lawyer (Kobe office)
  • Certified public tax accountant
  • FIFA Football Agent

Kengo Hashiba is experienced with all aspects of tax law, including income tax, corporate tax, consumption tax, inheritance and gift taxes, customs and stamp duties, and property tax. In addition to providing tax planning advice and representation in disputes with tax offices, Kengo is able to Use his experience as an appeals judge at the National Tax Tribunal to provide comprehensive legal support from the tax audit stage through to tax litigation. He is also committed to providing reliable advice in relation to international tax and inheritance issues. As well as tax, Kengo is also focused upon the sharing economy (e.g. making use of vacant housing) and the law in relation to the sports industry.

Professional History

1982 Born in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
2005 Graduated from Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Law
2007 Graduated from Ritsumeikan University Law School; passed Bar exam
2008 Completed legal training; registered as a lawyer
2012〜2015 Appointed to Sendai National Tax Tribunal (Appeals Judge) (2013–2015 served concurrently as litigator)
2015〜2016 Relocated to Tokyo National Tax Tribunal (Appeals Judge)
2016 Re-registered as a lawyer; joined Higashimachi LPC
2016~2018 Member, National Tax Tribunal System Research Committee, Japan Law Foundatio
2018 Registered as a certified public tax accountant
2021〜 Adjunct lecturer, Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Law(Tax Law)
2022〜2023 Registered as a football agent of Japan Football Association(JFA)
2023〜 Registered as FIFA Football Agent
2023〜 Registered as a basketball agent of Japan Basketball Association(JBA)


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“Legal problems concerning vacant houses”, Profession Journal, serial column since April 2018
“Legal problems concerning vacant houses that entrepreneurs should know”, Profession Journal, June 2017
“Brief Explanations”, Profession Journal, since 2017:
  • “Establishment of Innovation box tax system to promote innovation investment by the private sector“ (December 2023)
  • “Revision of the R&D tax system to promote innovation – summary of revisions for 2021 tax year” (December 2020)
  • “Revision of the R&D tax system to promote innovation – summary of revisions for 2019 tax year” (December 2018)
  • “Revisions to the special 30 million yen transfer income exemption for vacant houses – summary of revisions for 2019 tax year” (December 2018)
  • “Most provisions of the Special Law for the Efficient Use of Land of Unknown Ownership come into operation on 15th November 2018 – the implementing regulations are also clarified” (November 2018)
  • “Establishment of a ‘Exemption of registration tax for registration of inherited land’ as a measure against land of unknown ownership – summary of revisions for 2018 tax year” (December 2017)
  • “Revisions to the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures aimed at promoting revitalisation of vacant houses and shops to take effect on 1st December 2017 – small-scale specified real estate ventures to be subject to registration tax exemption” (August 2017)
  • “Revisions to the Primary Regulations (Collection Department) of the Act on General Rules for National Taxes” (April 2017)


Japan Tax Jurisprudence Association
Tax Litigation Association