Takao Kinoshita

Managing Partner
  • Lawyer (Kobe office)

Takao Kinoshita practices corporate, administrative and medical related law, with vast experience in litigation and other dispute resolution. He is devoted to providing prompt and thorough advice, with his primary concern being whether the client can make the right decisions towards solving the difficult legal problems that they face.

Professional History

1956 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
1979 Graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Law
1984 Passed Bar exam
1987 Completed legal training; registered as a lawyer; entered Ohshiro Law Office
1993~2010 Partner of Higashimachi Law Office
2007~2022 Auditor, Kobe Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
2010 Managing partner of Higashimachi LPC
2010〜 Member of Kobe District Court’s Act on Land and Building Leases Evaluation Committee
2012~2013 Auditor, Sanyo Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
2012~2012 Chairman of a Third-Party Committee (Company listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange)
2014~2014 Member of a Third-Party Committee (Company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
2015~ Member of the Ethics Committee and Approved Regenerative Medicine Committee of the Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki General Medical Center

Major Published Cases

Case determining that a municipal junior high school’s act of defining that male students’ hair shall be closely cropped it is “Handbook for Junior High School Students” cannot be the subject of judicial review (Supreme Court, First Petty Bench, February 22, 1996 judgment, published in Hanrei Jihou No. 1560, p. 72)
Case regarding whether the response to a submission made under Article 17 (2) of the National Land Survey Act can be the subject of judicial review (Supreme Court, third petty bench, Mar 19, 1991 judgment; published in Hanrei Jihou No. 1401, p. 40)