Takahisa Fukumoto

  • Lawyer (Kobe office)

As well as practicing general corporate law (including giving advice to listed companies) and labour law (including crisis response to scandals and labour management), Takahisa Fukumoto has a wealth of experience in dispute resolution, including tort claims from motor vehicle accidents, real estate litigation, inheritance litigation and other family law litigation. Using his experience, gained from the cases he has handled, as well as his experience as an external corporate auditor, family court mediator and university lecturer, he is committed to providing advice to clients on a wide range of areas of law.

Professional History

1967 Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
1993 Graduated from Kobe University Faculty of Law; employed by the Hyogo Prefectural government; passed the bar exam
1994 Resigned from the Hyogo Prefectural government
1996 Completed legal training; registered as a lawyer; joined Higashimachi Law Office
2003 Partner of Higashimachi Law Office
2003〜2016 Auditor, Kawanishi Warehouse Co., Ltd.
2004~2005 Adjunct instructor, Kwansei Gakuin University Faculty of Law
2004〜 Adjunct instructor, Konan University Faculty of Law
2006~2007 Director of Hyogo Lawyers Cooperative
2008~2008 Vice president of Hyogo Bar Association
2010~ Auditor, Kobe Ferry Center Co., Ltd.
2012~ Family court mediator (Kobe Family Court)


Co-editor of “The Elements of the Tramper Shipping Business” by Shigeru Tamura; 2009, Inui Steamship Co., Ltd.
Co-author of “An easy to understand guide to company law” (revised edition); 2006, Shin Nihon Hoki
Co-author of “An easy to understand guide to company law”; 2003, Shin Nihon Hoki


Kobe Rotary Club